Marginal Aquatic Plants РA range of taller plants that display their foliage above water. They can provide shade to the pond and provide refuge and habitat for frogs and other wildlife. We carry a wide variety, including native reeds and grasses, water iris, dwarf papyrus, swamp hibiscus, Taro, and more. Come and check out the range!

Products List

Water Iris
Come in a Variety of Different Colours.
Dwarf Papyrus
Cyperus papyrus
Height: 50-60cm
Juncus sp.
Hardy Native Marginal Plant
Taro – Elephant Ear
Colocasia esculenta
Height: 1.5m
Blue Rush
Carex riparia
Height: 50cm.
Umbrella Grass
Cyperus alternifolius
Height: 80cm
Kang Kong (Water Spinach)
Ipomea aquatica
Edible Plant
Swamp Hibiscus
Hibiscus coccineus
Height: Up To 2m
Amazon Sword
Echinodorus amazonicus
Height: 50cm