Trindad Pond Kit

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Trindad Pond Kit
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Pond kit includes AP10,000 Pressure Filter, PM5700 Pump, Pond and 3 metres of 32mm ribbed tubing.

Poly Pond
2225 x 1650 x 450mm
990 litres

PM5700 Pump:

  • High performance energy efficient motor
  • Ideal for use in ponds or fountains
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Complete with 10 metre cable
  • Fountain kit included
  • 20mm - 32mm outlet

Max Flow: 5700 l/h
Max Head: 5m
Power: 155w

AP10,000 Pressure Filter:

Ponds will be affected by various factors, such as unconsumed fish food, decomposing vegetation, and fish excrement. If these pollutants are allowed to accumulate over time they will become harmful to your fish and produce green unsightly water. The use of biological filtration will remove these toxins (nitrite and ammonia) and provides good quality water. The good bacteria is what breaks down these toxins and the biological part of the filter, located on the bottom, allow for the perfect surface area for the bacteria to colonize. The Mechanical part, the sponge filters, removes solid particles in the water. This is the only part of the filter you ever want to clean. 

The filter has an advanced backwash cleaning function to make cleaning and maintenance easy. High efficiency pressurized pond filter system with integrated UV-C using modern technology and user friendly design. These units boast crystal clear water.

We recommend this filter for up to 2500L ponds with Koi in full sun, up to 5000L with goldfish, or up to 10,000L for an ornamental pond with few fish (small varieties), lots of plants, and semi shade.

Maximum Flow 6000 L/H
UVC - 11W
Cable - 5m

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