Universal Rock

Universal Rocks are super strong, lightweight and tough and they have proven themselves over many years to not fade or be damaged by the harsh Australian sun. If you are thinking about a garden renovation, rejuvenating your pool/pond surrounds or even creating your own museum quality aquarium or pet environment, then Universal Rocks are the ideal solution.

Products List

Pond SRP-014
L 108 cm x W 80 cm x H 29 cm
Pond With Spill SRP-015
 L 1120mm x W 830mm x D 250mm
Pond MRP-006
L 1660mm x W 1300mm x D 360mm
Pond MRP-009
L 1480mm x W 1180mm x D 300mm
Pond SRP-012
L 118 cm x W 107 cm x H 38 cm
Pond SRP-016
L 76 cm x W 61 cm x H 17.75 cm
Pond MRP-011
L 220 cm x W 148.5 cm x H 53.5 cm
Pond MRP-005
L 2900mm x W 2050mm x D 530mm
Cascade SPC-005
L 1030mm x W 910mm x H 340mm
L 1150mm x W 400mm x H 320mm
L 1120mm x W 540mm x H 300mm
Waterfall SRW-018
L 730mm x W 710mm x H 370mm
Waterfall MW-008
L 1980mm x W 1200mm x H 720mm
Waterfall MW-005
L 142 cm x W 42 cm x H 118 cm
Corner Waterfall LEW-006
L 157.5 cm x W 155 cm x H 61 cm
Waterfall LEW-002
L 239 cm x W 104 cm x H 89 cm
Self Contained Feature WWP-005
L 1300mm x W 800mm x H 790mm
Approx. weight: 17 kg
Self Contained Feature WWP-008
L 86 cm x W 65 cm x H 77.5 cm
Self Contained Feature SWP-008
L 75 cm x W 89 cm x H 45.5 cm
Self Contained Feature (Corner) LCW-001
L 164 cm x W 133.5 cm x H 115.5 cm