Fountain Pumps

Fountain pumps come with an assortment of fountain nozzles, this normally includes a standard spray, double daisy and a mushroom/bell nozzle. The majority of pumps come with a tee piece, which allows you to run the fountain plus another feature or external filter, but this will depend on the size of your pump. Anything below a thousand liters per hour will generally be too small to be able to do two things. All these pumps come with a small pre-filter to stop the pump from clogging, but if you find your pond to be particularly dirty and the filter is constantly blocking up, you should be able to buy an attachment to allow for a larger pre-filter.

Products List

Oase Aquarius 3500
Max Flow: 3400l/h
Max Head: 2.7m
Power: 70w
Pondmax PV-650 Waterfeature Pump
Max Flow: 850l/h
Max Head: 1.5m
Power: 22w
Pondmax PV-1200 Waterfeature Pump
Max Flow: 1300l/h
Max Head: 1.85m
Power: 30w
Pondmax PV-1600 Waterfeature Pump
Max Flow: 1900l/h
Max Head: 2.2m
Power: 35w
Pondmax PV-2800 Waterfeature Pump
Max Flow: 2700l/h
Max Head: 2.7m
Power: 75w
Pondmate PM600 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 600 l/h
Max Head: 1.3m
Power: 8w
Pondmate PM900 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 900 l/h
Max Head: 1.5m
Power: 20w
Pondmate PM1500 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 1500 l/h
Max Head: 1.8m
Power: 25w
Pondmate PM3600 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 3600 l/h
Max Head: 2.8m
Power: 55w
Pondmate PM4600 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 4600 l/h
Max Head: 3.5m
Power: 70w
Pondmate PM5400 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 5400 l/h
Max Head: 4m
Power: 95w
Pondmate PM5700 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 5700 l/h
Max Head: 5m
Power: 155w
Pondmaster 1300 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 1100 l/h
Max Head: 1.4m
Power: 15w
Pondmaster 1800 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 1800 l/h
Max Head: 2.15m
Power: 28w
Pondmaster 2300 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 2200 l/h
Max Head: 2.20m
Power: 28w
Pondmaster 3300 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 2800 l/h
Max Head: 2.50m
Power: 49w
Pondmaster 3600 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 3500 l/h
Max Head: 3.4cm
Power: 71w
Aquapro 2000 All-in-One Pump and Filter
Max Flow: 2000l/h
Includes 9W UV
Oase Filtral 2500 UVC
Call for pricing
Max Flow: 600 l/h
Max Head: 1.3m
Power: 20w
Oase Filtral 5000 UVC
Call for pricing
Max Flow: 1100 l/h
Max Head: 2.3m
Power: 35w