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We stock a range of water garden supplies, fish ponds & accessories

If you’re looking to beautify your garden and turn it into a water wonderland, talk to us at The Pond Shop. We have all the expertise, products and knowledgeable staff to create beautiful water gardens. Our huge range of water garden products includes ponds, pumps, filters, water features, aquaponics, lighting, garden decor, fish, plants and a whole lot more.

With Perth’s outdoor-friendly climate, making your garden more user-friendly is essential. By adding water features like a fish pond, it not only adds life to your garden, it also adds beauty and a sense of tranquillity. Your garden is like a green canvas waiting to be decorated, and we strive to make all gardens more aesthetically pleasing as well as more functional. With our variety of water garden supplies, we have something to suit all gardens and all tastes, no matter how big or small your outdoor space.

Owner Jenny Day, has close to 20 years’ experience with pond and reticulation systems, as well as an advanced certificate in horticulture. Her passion for transforming outdoor areas into attractive water gardens has rubbed off on her staff, and we all now revel in transforming ordinary gardens into wonderful outdoor living areas. Our products are top quality and our advice based on many years of experience.

Contact us for a consultation or pop into our huge 400m2 Midvale showroom and browse our fantastic range of products and full working displays. Alternatively, browse our online shop and see what is available. Then let your imagination run wild, as nothing is impossible. We’ll help you design your new water garden and supply all the products you need to complete the job. No hassle, no fuss, contact our friendly team at The Pond Shop to start your garden’s transformation.


Aquaponics combines conventional aquaculture raising certain animals in tanks, (e.g. fish, marron, yabbies) with hydroponics (growing plants in water). This all takes place in a symbiotic environment, utilising all waste products and recycling the water back into the system. We can help you design a system suitable to your available space and budget, and we have all the products and expertise necessary to put the system into place, cultivating plants and growing edible fish in a completely eco-friendly manner.

Fish pond

Every water garden needs a fish pond. Whether it’s a small pond with a couple of Goldfish or a ‘luxury’ pond with a water fountain and loads of large Koi, you need one. It’s the centre piece of your garden and everything else is designed around it.

We don’t just have a range of ponds to choose from, but all the necessary accessories and equipment to keep it clean and healthy, a place where fish and frogs frolic and water plants thrive. Add in a few water features and wait for Home & Garden magazine to show up.

Garden ornaments

The best aspect of your water garden is that it allows you to get as creative as you want. Keep it Zen and simple, or get creative and buy some fun ornaments to brighten up your pond and add a sense of fun. Whether it’s a floating hippo or a set of brightly coloured lilies, we have a variety of cool stuff to brighten up your pond and garden.

Solar pumps, solar pump kits, solar pond pumps

We stock Perth’s best range of solar pond pumps and underwater lighting, use the sun’s energy to keep your pond clean and your fish healthy. Solar power is a wonderful way to use less electricity and still enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful water feature, with battery packs to keep your pump and lights running even after the sun has set.

Pond Lights

Light up your garden at night with our range of pond and garden lighting and effects, from small feature lights to large spot lights or multi coloured LED lights with remote control. Impress your friends at your next evening barbecue with a stunning lighting display in your back yard.

Pond pumps

Browse our selection of high quality pond pumps, designed to keep your pond clean and your fish healthy. From small water features to huge Koi ponds to solar powered, we have a pump for every job.

Fish food

Make sure your fish are well fed and healthy at all times with our range of fish food. From our high protein variety of fish food to Koi sticks and pond flakes, none of your fish, no matter what kind of pond fish you stock, need go hungry, ever. We also stock a specialist aquaponics feed range.

Pond liners

Make sure your pond is properly lined and sealed with our selection of pond liners and sealers. We offer a range of synthetic rubber pond liners, which are durable and effective, as well as pond sealers for concrete ponds

Pond fish

So you have your pond lined, sealed, and filled with water. You have a solar pump installed, now all that’s missing are fish. Come in and check out our fish stock to fill your pond. We have Goldfish, Koi, Perch, Minnows, and many other pond fish. We also have a large variety of pond plants and lilies to choose from to complete the picture.

Pond supplies

We stock everything you need for your pond and water garden. Browse our extensive range of products online or visit our store and chat to our helpful and friendly staff. We’re pretty sure we have everything you need, if not we can source it for you.

Contact us for all your water garden supplies, fish and equipment


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