Low-Voltage Pumps

Low-Voltage Pumps are the safer option for any pond or water feature where the power cable needs to run through the garden. The pump kit includes a low voltage transformer, which come in either 12v or 24v.

Products List

Aquapro AP750LV Low Voltage Waterfeature Pump
Max Flow: 750 l/h
Max Head: 1.5m
Power: 18w
Aquagarden Mako 1000LV
Currently Out of Stock
Max Flow: 1050 l/h
Max Head: 1.4m
Power: 19w
PondMax EV1910-DC Low Voltage Pump
Max Flow: 1800 l/h
Max Head: 2.1m
Power: 13w
PondMax EV2910-DC Low Voltage Pump
Max Flow: 2800 l/h
Max Head: 2.95m
Power: 24w
PondMax EV3910-DC Low Voltage Pump
Max Flow: 3800 l/h
Max Head: 4.6m
Power:  37w
PondMax EV4910-DC Low Voltage Pump
Max Flow: 4600 l/h
Max Head: 5.1m
Power: 45w
10M DC Low Voltage Extension Cable
For use with DC Pumps Only!