Fish Health

Generally a proper diet and good water quality will help maintain a fish’s immune system. Sometimes it can be hard to properly assess the health issue of your fish, as there is quite a few disease’s they can get. If you find your fish are looking a little ill (not active or eating) then it is a good idea to test the water and keep an eye on them for any change in their appearance. If you can’t notice anything physically wrong with them, you can still give the pond a dose with a multi treatment or even some salt to give their immune system a boost.

Products List

Pond Salt
from $3.00
Helps provide essential electrolytes fish need to survive.
Medimax Bacterial Control 236ml
Controls and prevents bacterial infections.
PARA-GONE Antiparasitic Tablets
from $18.00
Tablets aid in the control of most external parasites.
from $16.95
For the treatment of white spot
from $16.95
Treatment for fungal diseases
from $18.95
For use for bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases.
Pondmax BLITZ Parasite and Ulcer 500g
A blend of inorganic compounds & plant extracts
Pondmax BLITZ Fungus and Bacteria 500g
A blend of inorganic compounds & plant extracts
Pimafix 473ML
Treats fungal fish infections.
Melafix 473ML
Currently Out of Stock
Antibacterial remedy for management of diseases.
Multi Cure Wide Spectrum 500ml
For the treatment of common diseases.
White Spot Cure 500ml
For the treatment of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis
Aqua One PH Down Quickdrop 500G
Currently Out of Stock
Regular testing of PH is essential for fish health.
Clearpond PH Down
from $49.00
Regular testing of PH is essential for fish health.
Hardness Plus
from $8.95
Water hardness can affect fish health and has a major effect
Calcium Carbonate
from $2.95
Use to raise PH levels in ponds.
Biotec SuperPeat
from $6.95
Lowers Water Hardness & pH value
from $0.60
3ml in 0.5ml increments