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Square or Rectangle Pond  

Length x Width x Depth (all in metres) x 1000 = Litres

Eg: 2.4m x 1.2m x 0.45m = 1.296 x 1000 = 1296 litres

Round Pond   online calculator

Pi (3.141) x D2 x H x .25

For shaped ponds use the average length x width x depth then reduce the total by 20-30% to allow for curves and varying depths. Better to over estimate volume.



The longer the tube length the larger the diameter required. If tubing needs to run more than three or four meters from pump to outlet, use the next size up to reduce friction loss.

13mm – maximum flow rate up to 1000 L/H

19mm – maximum flow rate up to 2000 L/H

25mm – maximum flow rate up to 3000 L/H

32mm – maximum flow rate up to 5000 L/H

40mm – maximum flow rate up to 8000 L/H

50mm – maximum flow rates over 8000 L/H