Wall Ornaments

This is a small selection of wall ornaments available from The Pond Shop. We have a larger range in-store. Come in and check them out, you’ll love them! So many different types, from realistic, to comical.

Products List

Fish Wall Art
Size: 500 x 400mm
Willy Wagtail Welcome
Size: 40 x 2 x 32 cm
Tropical Cockatoo Wall Art
Size: 35 x 38 cm
Butterfly and Flower Wall Art
Size: 74cm x 65cm
Ned Kelly Wall Art
Size: 400 x 800mm
Ladybug Pair Wall Hanging
Currently Out of Stock
Size: 22 x 52cm
Green Leaf Wall Art
Size: 838 x 25 x 914mm
Dove Ceramic/Glass Wall Art
Size: 14 x 11cm
Horse Head Wall Art
Size: 43 x 33cm
Blue Wren Wall Art
Size: 21 x 19 cm
Lady Beetle 4 Hook Hanger
Size: 40cm x 25cm
kookaburra Wall Art
Size: 29cm x 18cm
Goldfish Iron Wall Art
from $69.00
Colours May Vary
Bee Wall Art
Size: 33cm x 18cm
Marble Blue Turtle
Price is for One Only!!
Rosella Ceramic Wall Art
Size: 35 x 30cm
Blue Wren Pair Welcome
Size: 44 x 49cm
Pelican Swimming
Size: 35 x 25cm
Dolphin Pair Welcome
Size: 42 x 3 x 33 cm
Rainbow Lorikeet Wall Art
Size: 47 x 30cm
Magpie Wall Art
Size: 39 x 26cm
Cheeky Gecko Wall Art
Size: 44 x 36cm
Sapphire Octopus
Size: 53 x 3 x 46 cm
Single Magpie Wall Art
Size: 220 x 430mm
Tree of Life Small
Size: 600 x 600mm