Wall Ornaments

This is a small selection of wall ornaments available from The Pond Shop. We have a larger range in-store. Come in and check them out, you’ll love them! So many different types, from realistic, to comical.

Products List

Kookaburra Metal Wall Art
Size: 36 x 32cm
Kookaburra Welcome Round Wall Art
Size: 990 x 10 x 990mm
Metal Cow Wall Art
Size: 42 x 32cm
Metal Ladybug Wall Hanger Large
Currently Out of Stock
Size: 13cm
Blue Wren Wall Art
Size: 25 x 21cm
Legends Never Die Sign
Size: 30 x 20cm
Kookaburra Resin Wall Art
Size: 33 x 18cm
Leaves Wall Art
Size: 880 x 300mm
Floral Wall Art
Size: 730 x 280mm
Single Magpie Wall Art
Size: 220 x 430mm
Double Magpie Wall Art
Size: 440 x 5 x 430mm
New Zealand Wall Art
Currently Out of Stock
Size: 550 x 30 x 330mm
Cast Iron Anchor
Size: 290 x 10 x 340mm
West Coast Eagles Wall Art
Size: 600 x 600mm
Fremantle Dockers Wall Art
Currently Out of Stock
Size: 600 x 600mm
Tree of Life Small
Size: 600 x 600mm
Green Tree Metal Wall Art
Size: 838 x 914mm
Metal Arch Wall Art
Size: 600 x 1530mm
Abstract Shells Wall Art
Size: 144 x 648 x 825mm