Blanketweed / String Algae

String algae/Blanket weed is the bane of our existence, especially during the changing of the season when it kicks in at it’s worst. We have a range of treatments available to get your pond back into shape. We suggest when using any algaecide that you have your pump going 24/7 because when the treatment kills the algae it depletes the oxygen in the pond. You will also need to scoop out as much as the algae as you can before and after treating the pond. This is because when you dose the pond the treatment will kill the algae and depending on the product will either sink it or clump it together and bring it to the top, and if you leave the dead algae in there it will just become food for the next crop of algae.

Products List

Pondcare Algae Fix
from $25.00
Pond Algae Eliminator
from $9.95
Pondmax Cleanmax+  470ML
Bottle Treats 36,340L
from $4.00
Comes in 1L, 3L, 10L and 25L Bags.
PondMAX BLITZ Blanketweed 500g
An infusion of natural minerals, enzymes & additives
Algae Block
Treats 120 Litres
H2 Blu Pond Dye
from $10.00
Colourant for Lakes, Dams, Ponds and Water Features
Pond Algae Block
from $5.95
1 Block treats 800 litres
Barley Straw Balls
from $6.00
Completely natural treatment for algae problems.
from $0.60
3ml in 0.5ml increments