Circulation / Fountain Pumps

Circulation pumps are ideal for running water features, but all features have varying flows needed to get the desired effect. Sometimes getting the right pump requires a bit of trial and error, but the two main things to focus on to pick the right pump is to have an idea of the flow rate and to know the height you are needing the pump to push up to. Just be cautious, because where the labeling tells you the max head height and the max flow, it doesn’t mean you will get that flow from that height. The maximum flow is straight out of the pump and the closer you get to the maximum height the less flow you will get.
Fountain pumps come with an assortment of fountain nozzles, this normally includes a standard spray, double daisy and a mushroom/bell nozzle. The majority of pumps come with a tee piece, which allows you to run the fountain plus another feature or external filter, but this will depend on the size of your pump. Anything below a thousand litres per hour will generally be too small to be able to do two things.

Products List

Aqua One Maxi 101 Pump
Max Flow: 400l/h
Max Head: 0.65m
Power: 6w
Aqua One Maxi 102 Pump
Max Flow: 500l/h
Max Head: 1.05m
Power: 8w
Aqua One Maxi 103 Pump
Max Flow: 1200l/h
Max Head: 1.2m
Power: 15w
Aqua One Moray 360
Max Flow: 600l/h
Max Head: 0.86m
Power: 6.5w
Aqua One Moray 480
Max Flow: 720l/h
Max Head: 0.96m
Power: 8.5w
Pondmax PV650 Waterfeature Pump
Max Flow: 850l/h
Max Head: 1.5m
Power: 22w
Pondmax PV1200 Waterfeature Pump
Max Flow: 1300l/h
Max Head: 1.85m
Power: 30w
Pondmax PV1600 Waterfeature Pump
Max Flow: 1900l/h
Max Head: 2.2m
Power: 35w
Pondmax PV2800 Waterfeature Pump
Max Flow: 2700l/h
Max Head: 2.7m
Power: 75w
EV1900 Pondmax Pump
Max Flow: 1800l/h
Max Head: 2.4m
Power: 20w
EV2900 Pondmax Pump
Max Flow: 3000l/h
Max Head: 3.4m
Power: 30w
EV3900 Pondmax Pump
Max Flow: 4000l/h
Max Head: 3.8m
Power: 45w
EV4900 Pondmax Pump
Max Flow: 4900l/h
Max Head: 5m
Power: 60w
EV7200 Pondmax Pump
Max Flow: 7200l/h
Max Head: 5.5m
Power: 85w
EV9200 Pondmax Pump
Max Flow: 9300l/h
Max Head: 6m
Power: 105w
EV11200 Pondmax Pump
Max Flow: 11200l/h
Max Head: 6.5m
Power: 160w
EV13600 Pondmax Pump
Max Flow: 13600l/h
Max Head: 7m
Power: 230w
PondMAX High Flow PX20,000 Filter Pump
Max Flow: 20,000l/h
Max Head: 7m
Power: 200w
PondMAX High Flow PX30,000 Filter Pump
Max Flow: 30,000l/h
Max Head: 2.7m
Power: 400w
PondMAX PM2600 All-in-One
Max Flow: 2200 l/h
Max Head: 2m
Power: 80w
Pondmaster 1300 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 1100 l/h
Max Head: 1.4m
Power: 15w
Pondmaster 1800 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 1800 l/h
Max Head: 2.15m
Power: 28w
Pondmaster 2300 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 2200 l/h
Max Head: 2.20m
Power: 28w
Pondmaster 3300 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 2800 l/h
Max Head: 2.50m
Power: 49w
Pondmaster 3600 Fountain Pump
Max Flow: 3500 l/h
Max Head: 3.4cm
Power: 71w