Self-Contained Features

If you are looking for a beautiful Buddha fountain or old-school wishing well, which kids love, or a more modern ceramic ball fountain, we have all those and plenty more to choose from. Our water features will make your water garden into something stylish and a special place to hang out in or entertain guests. Everyone loves a fountain, the sound of running water is always soothing and makes your garden into a more relaxing and tranquil place. Choose from a ripple urn design, a classic trough feature, or browse our wide range of fountains to find something you love. We will help you choose a water fountain to suit your garden. We cater to both commercial and domestic gardens. Contact us for more info.

Products List

Alfredo Feature
Size: 538 x 538 x 350mm
Hand Pump Water Feature
Size: 312 x 275 x 590mm
Wishing Well Water Feature
Size: 415 x 380 x 845mm
Buddha Fountain Large
Size: 85cm
Frogs at Pump Feature
Size: 290 x 225 x 420mm