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Pond Liner PVC
from $15.00
PVC Pond Liner – 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 M widths.
EasyPro Black Waterfall Foam 566g
Safe For Fish and Aquatic Life
Firestone  EPDM Rubber Pond Liner 1.1MM
from $61.00
Comes with a 20 year UV guarantee.
Oasefol EPDM Pond Liner 1.02MM
from $271.60
Comes with a 30 year guarantee.
Liner Grip Strip 3m Length
Used to hold Liner to Concrete, Limestone, Brick Walls, Timber etc.
Liner Double-Sided Joining Tape Per Metre
Ideal for repairing or joining PVC, EDPM and PE pond liners.
FillerMAX 1 Litre
Pond Ceramic Gap Filler
from $42.00
Pond Paint and Sealer
Black Waterfall Foam 425g
Safe For Fish and Aquatic Life
Ideal Seal MS290
Sealant and Adhesive for wet or dry applications. Will cure underwater.
Gold Label Pond Sealer 290ML
Bonds all materials even under water!
Pondshield Pro 2 X 2L Tubs
Two component water-based epoxy polyamide membrane.
Pondtite Waterproofing Pond Sealer Black 1 Litre
PondTite is suitable for both interior and exterior use.