Huge range of Meerkat ornaments available now!! Come in and check them out, you’ll love them! So many different types, from realistic, to comical – sunbathing to bungee jumping! There’s even some that float on your pond, pool or spa!

Products List

Chilling Meerkat With Solar Eyes
Price is for One Only. Two Styles Available.
Size: 23cm
Standing Meerkat Solar Light
Size: 140 x 130 x 410mm
Burrow Meerkat Solar Light
Size: 148 x 150 x 200mm
Fishing Meerkat
Size: 30cm
Welcome Meerkats
Size: 24 x 20 x 8cm
Lounging Meerkats
Price is for One Only. Two Styles Available. 
Floating Meerkat Couple
Size: 42 x 21cm