Why is my pond Green?

There are two types of algae you can get in your pond. ‘Pea Soup’ Green Algae – This algae is a suspended single celled organism that is so tiny that is passes through your filtration. Filamentous Algae – This algae comes in a few different forms. It can grow in stringy clumps...

Aerating a fish pond

Having enough aeration in a pond is vital for the well-being of fish, as well as the health of the pond water. Bigger fish such as Goldfish and Koi need oxygen-rich water so having the correct amount of aeration for them is essential. There are three signs that will indicate that you don’t have...

Why does my pond smell?

As a general rule a pond should never really smell. If it does then it probably needs to be looked at. There are a few reasons why a pond might smell and here are some tips to help. Some of the most common issues are a lack of aeration, decaying debris, poor water quality and sometimes when the...

Setting up a Frog Pond

If you want to expel some boredom, setting up a frog pond is a great weekend project that will allow your creativity to shine. You don't necessary need a massive pre-formed pond to get you started. If you have an old kid's swimming pool or any kind of UV resistant tub sitting around that can hold...


Aquaponics is an integrated system to grow fish and plants for consumption. Aquaponics works with the aid of the good bacteria in your ponds, which converts the ammonia and waste produced by the fish into nitrite and then into nitrate, which plants use as a main growing nutrient. This nutrient rich...

How to Keep your Pond Water Healthy

Those of us who have ponds in our gardens know the feeling of tranquillity they create. However, a concern that most of us should worry about is whether the pond water is healthy enough to support the aquatic life, and to view the fish and plants we keep. Here are some considerations to ensure that...

The Biological Life Cycle of Ponds


How to Light Up Your Water Feature

Lighting really brings out the magic of your water feature after dark, whether it's a rambling stream, a peaceful pond or a spectacular fountain. For the lighting-effect to give the most impact, it all comes down to technique. It's been said that lighting water features can be complicated, but...

Make your garden come to life with a water feature

Transform your garden into a water wonderland Spring is finally here! It's time to get into the garden and start creating a beautiful oasis where you can relax with family and friends on a balmy summer evening. Whether you prefer the crisp clean lines of a formal garden or the natural beauty of a...