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Murky/Green water is another form of algae that is made up of really fine particles that a filter cannot pick up. The fool-proof way of stopping this from happening, to give you that nice crystal clear water, is to put a UV light inline with your pump. The UV light drops these particles out of suspension so that the filter can then pick them up. These products below are the short term fix for anyone not wanting to put a UV light on their pond and will generally get you the same result, but the murky/green water may or may not return.

Murky / Green Water



Murky / Green Water

Splosht Small Farmer's Pack


Murky / Green Water

Clearmax Flocculent 470ml


Made in Australia

Water Cleanser Block


Blanketweed / String Algae

Pond Algae Block


Blanketweed / String Algae

Bionatural Feature Pond Block 35g


Blanketweed / String Algae

H2 Blu Pond Dye


Blanketweed / String Algae

Barley Straw Balls




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