Returns/Shipping Policy


Please choose carefully.

You are not entitled to a refund if you:

  • Simply changed your mind about something you have bought.
  • Are responsible for the fault/defect.
  • Were advised of the fault/defect at the time of purchase.
  • Discover that the item can be purchased cheaper elsewhere

You are entitled to an exchange or refund if:

  • The goods were wrongly described
  • The goods don’t do what they are supposed to do.
  • The goods are faulty

Consumer protection laws are consistent across Australia these laws aim to protect consumers and promote fair trading they apply nationally in all states and territories and to all Australian Businesses.



All products sold are covered by “Consumer Guarantees” and “Manufacturers Warranty”.

For some products the manufacturer may provide a manufacturers warranty that can be extended upon registration (ie where warranty states 2 + 1 year or 3 + 2 year). You must register with the manufacturer or wholesaler in order to obtain this additional warranty, this is a requirement of the manufacturer or wholesaler. Registration is the customer’s responsibility and must be lodged with the manufacturer or wholesaler not with The Pond Shop.

If you wish to view an individual product warranty prior to purchase please contact us directly and we will email or fax warranty details to you.



If you have a problem with a product you have purchased from us please contact us directly either by telephone or email outlining the problem with the goods. We will run through a checklist with you and in many cases we may be able to resolve the problem through this process. If we are unable to resolve the issue we will ask you to follow the steps below:

Send an email to or fax (08) 9250 6042


a) your receipt number (Docket Id)

b) your contact details – (Full Name and Phone number is critical)

c) the reason for requesting return, exchange or refund.

We will then email you return instructions. When we, or in many cases the importer receive the returned product/s we will either exchange, repair, return or refund the product cost depending on our findings.

Return Conditions

Return freight is the customer’s responsibility. For your protection we suggest that you use a traceable and insured method of shipping.

Items that cannot be returned: An item that we do not normally stock and has been ordered especially for you, items that have been custom made, cut lengths of cable, pond liner or hose and products at “special prices”(excluding discount)

Any item that is either returned damaged (other than as originally reported) or is not faulty will be returned to you. Freight costs will apply to you if the products are returned due to the above terms not being followed, so please pack carefully as damage or loss during return transport is your responsibility.

If unsure please contact us.